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Zadie Neufville*

FEATURE: High Oil Costs Drive Jamaica’s Clean Energy Agenda

A growing appetite for oil and some of the Caribbean region’s highest electricity rates and petroleum prices are driving Jamaica’s thrust toward clean energy alternatives. This country of 2.7 million people now spends more than it earns on imported oil. Between January and June 2011, Jamaica spent 1.48 billion dollars on oil imports, while export [...] [more]…

FEATURE: Jamaica to Galvanise Public on Climate Adaptation

A public awareness project that aims to foster wider understanding among locals about the linkages between the global climate and their social and economic wellbeing is Jamaica's newest adaptation strategy. [more]…

FEATURE: Jamaica - Waking up to urgency of a national climate policy

As increasingly extreme and erratic weather driven by the earth's changing climate exacts a heavy toll on Jamaica's population, economy and infrastructure, a consensus has emerged among scientists and policy makers here that adaptation measures mu... [more]…

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