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Syed Abbas Hussain

Syed Abbas Hussain

Syed Abbas Hussain is a focal person for Learning in LEAD’s Learning and Knowledge Management Programme. Prior to joining LEAD, Abbas was pursuing an MA in Media Practice for Development and Social Change, from the University of Sussex where he produced a number of documentaries which focused predominantly on vulnerable groups such as ethnic minorities, people with physical disabilities and refugees.

Abbas has been working as a freelance journalist since he completed his BA and has contributed op-eds, interviews and features to some of the leading print publications of Pakistan such as The News,, The Friday Times, Daily Times and Express Tribune. He has also worked in broadcast media in the capacity of an associate producer at the English News Channel Express 24/7. He has produced video reports on topics such as the blasphemy laws and their impact on religious minorities, youth activism and natural disasters.

As an administrator of a private school project for two years, he generated content for brochures, newsletters, print and video advertisements, taught the English language and Science at primary, secondary and O level stages, and was responsible for managing events as well as all internal and external correspondence.

Abbas has performed as a theatre actor both nationally and internationally, predominantly working on plays based on socio-political themes, and has also conducted dramatic reading workshops with children. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK.

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