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Sam Bickersteth

Sam led CDKN, a global alliance of southern and northern organisations delivering innovative solutions for climate compatible development in developing countries from 2011-17. He established CDKN as a leading global, multi-donor funded programme supporting developing country decision-makers. Through over 200 technical assistance, research and knowledge management projects in 70 countries CDKN has provided assistance on climate policies, planning and finance, climate related disasters and international negotiations.

Sam is an agricultural economist with a background in food security, natural resources and climate change, having previously worked for DFID and Oxfam. From 2006 to 2010 he was head of programme policy at Oxfam and previously held leadership positions in DFID including as Head of DFID Bolivia. Sam has lived in Africa, South Asia and Latin America in his roles as researcher, policy adviser and programme manager. He was a Director in PricewaterhouseCooper’s Sustainability and Climate Change team, a Visiting Research Associate at Oxford University and adviser to the London School of Economics/Leeds University Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP). He now leads Opportunity International.

Sam Bickersteth's content

CDKN Annual Report 2015: Climate compatible development - delivering results

CDKN's Annual Report 2015 celebrates five years of results in climate compatible development - including partnerships to safeguard lives and livelihoods in the face of increasing climate change impacts, and innovative work to finance low carbon development. [more]…

FILM: CDKN in conversation... with Sam Bickersteth, CDKN Chief Executive

Mairi Dupar, CDKN Global Public Affairs Co-ordinator, speaks to Sam Bickersteth, Chief Executive of CDKN, on the future of CDKN and what it can offer developing countries in terms of its network of knowledge, experience and comparative learning. [more]…

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