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Saleemul Huq

OPINION: Changing the narrative on Bangladesh and climate change

Saleemul Huq argues that Bangladesh should no longer be seen as a victim of climate change, but a global leader in tackling its adverse impacts. [more]…

OPINION: The IPCC rings the warning bell louder. Is anyone listening?

Saleemul Huq, IPCC Lead Author, reflects on the demanding process behind producing the IPCC WGII report and what makes this report different to its predecessors. [more]…

FEATURE: Lessons from Bangladesh for a post-Sandy New York

Dr Saleemul Huq – senior fellow in IIED’s climate change group – spoke at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies/Columbia University in New York City about the lessons US cities can learn from Bangladesh as they adapt to climate change. [more]…

OPINION: Empowering communities to monitor the impact of their work

Saleemul Haq reflects on how a programme supported by CDKN in Bangladesh is spreading an innovative new bottom-up approach to monitoring and evaluating community based adaptation [more]…

FEATURE: The tipping point

Saleemul Huq, Research Fellow at IIED, explains why he thinks we've reached a tipping point for tackling climate change in developing countries. [more]…

FEATURE: In conversation... with Saleemul Huq - Extended Version, Part 2

Part 2: The Future of Climate Compatible Development Transcript: Simon Maxwell: We’ve defined our niche rather in terms of subject matter. We’re quite clear that our programme is not just about climate, [more]…

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