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Overseas Development Institute - Theme: Climate Change

FEATURE: Achieving development and addressing the drivers of land use change

Instead of driving land use change, the global commodity trade can provide an opportunity for economic development without deforestation. At this event speakers will share experiences to help governments, businesses, and consumers address the drivers o... [more]…

FEATURE: How can we strengthen sector coordination in order to support effective delivery of REDD+?

With many drivers of deforestation outside the forest sector, cross-sectoralcoordination is needed to effectively deliver REDD+. The discussion will be framed by a paper recently published by ODI that uses the case of Uganda to analyse how key politic... [more]…

FEATURE: Defining climate-related forest activities, finance and expenditure in national budgetary systems

One of a trilogy of papers that explores the concept of ‘climate finance’ in national budgetary systems and proposes pragmatic ways forward that will strengthen the policy debate. This paper focusses on climate-related forest expenditure. Vie... [more]…

FEATURE: Benefit sharing in REDD+ - policy note

Drawing on experience from emerging REDD+ approaches and from existing benefit sharing schemes in development policy, this policy note outlines the different components of benefit sharing systems and considers their implications for poor people. ... [more]…

FEATURE: REDD+ and energy - a cross-sectoral approach to REDD+ and implications for the poor

The energy sector and forests are closely linked at local, regional and global levels. This paper examines what these linkages mean for the implementation of REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation), and identifies... [more]…

FEATURE: Making REDD+ cross-sectoral - why, how and what are the potential socio-economic impacts

This policy brief highlights the need for REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) to consider and address drivers of deforestation outside the forestry sector e.g. from agriculture and energy, as well as contribut... [more]…

FEATURE: REDD+ and agriculture - A cross-sectoral approach to REDD+ and implications for the poor

The paper outlines the linkages between forests and agriculture, and the need for REDD+ to effectively address the drivers of deforestation and forest degradation from the agriculture sector. It goes onto discuss the potential policy options ... [more]…

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