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Overseas Development Institute - Theme: Climate Change

Sum of parts: making the Green Climate Fund's allocations add up to its ambition

This working paper examines the resource allocation approaches of 15 climate, environment and development funds, drawing on these experiences to understand how they might inform the design of the Green Climate Fund’s allocation system.


FEATURE: Understanding climate change finance flows and effectiveness – mapping of recent initiatives: 2013 update

This paper provides an overview of the large number of initiatives that have been implemented to assist developing countries manage their response to climate change, both through information provision and policy-relevant analysis. [more]…

More than meetings: the way forward on climate finance

'At the COP 19 in Warsaw, Christiana Figueres sent governments back home with a command: 'Governments, and especially developed nations, must go back to do their homework so they can put their plans on the table ahead of the Paris conference'. [more]…

FEATURE: ten things to know about climate finance in 2013

This infographic explores the numbers on climate finance, offering an annual analysis of data from the world’s only comprehensive public climate finance commitment tracker – Climate Funds Update. In 2013, it finds that pledges through multilateral climate funds have fallen by 71% on last year, but Europe remains a leader.


FEATURE: Climate finance - a few fundamentals for 2013

'Developed countries have provided finance to help developing countries respond to climate change through many different channels, including dedicated multilateral climate funds. The UNFCCC COP in Warsaw this week, it is hoped, will focus political att... [more]…

FEATURE: The plumbing of adaptation finance: accountability, transparency and accessibility at the local level

'Adaptation is local but reaching the local level is not always easy. This paper explores the challenges of reaching the most vulnerable people with adaptation finance. It identifies opportunities for improvement and proposes a framework to assess deli... [more]…

FEATURE: Mobilising international climate finance, lessons from the fast-start finance period

This report reviews donor country commitments during the 2010-12 'Fast-Start Finance' period. While donors appear to have surpassed their initial commitments, concrete comparisons are restricted by definitional and operational biases. [more]…

FEATURE: 3 lessons for long-term climate finance

'Developed countries pledged to deliver US$ 100 billion per year by 2020 to help developing nations mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change. Mobilizing this finance —and securing more climate finance in the future—are two topics high on the COP 19 agenda this week.'


FEATURE: Climate finance regional briefing, sub-Saharan Africa

Africa is the region that has contributed the least to global greenhouse gas emissions but is the most vulnerable to the impact of climate change. It is estimated that the total cost of Africa’s adaptation to climate change will be between $10-30 billion a year by 2030.


OPINION: Who’s ready for climate finance?

'Is it a bird or is it a plane? The question of what ‘readiness’ for climate finance involves has attracted a great deal of attention and debate, particularly since the Green Climate Fund is supposed to channel $100 billion a year by 2020 for climate action and policy in developing countries.'


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