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Margaret Kamau - CDKN Project manager and Kenya strategic adviser

Margaret Kamau

Margaret Kamau is a Project Manager for the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN). Margaret is based in Nairobi, Kenya and oversees programme design and project delivery on technical assistance, research and knowledge management. She also supports in-country engagement through her role as the Kenya strategic adviser.

Margaret has over 6 years’ experience in the climate change and development field through her work as an Environmental and Climate change consultant. Prior to joining CDKN, Margaret worked at PwC Kenya, where she contributed to project management and business development in different areas including sustainability, environmental conservation, climate smart agriculture, and renewable energy. Margaret completed her BSc. in Environmental Science at the University of Dundee in Scotland, UK, and holds a MSc. degree in Natural Resources Management from Twente University, The Netherlands.

Margaret Kamau's content

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