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Kashmala Kakakhel

Kashmala Kakakhel was a Project Manager at CDKN Pakistan from 2010 to 2015.

Kashmala Kakakhel's content

FEATURE: New CDKN research shows the reality of climate-induced migration in Bangladesh

Research from the University of Sussex and University of Dhaka provides the Government of Bangladesh with an accurate assessment of the facts and figures of this growing phenomenon. [more]…

NEWS: Planning Commission sets priority actions for Pakistan's climate compatible development

Kashmala Kakakhel, CDKN, reports from Pakistan on the approval by the Planning Commission of CDKN-supported work programme for mitigation and adaptation to the impacts of climate change [more]…

OPINION: A big step forward for democracy in Pakistan, but an uncertain step for climate policy

Ali Sheikh and Kashmala Kakakhel, from LEAD Pakistan and CDKN Asia, report from Pakistan on the latest political developments unfolding in Islamabad with the new Prime Minister taking oath last week. [more]…

OPINION: Loss and damage from climate change – will leaders respond to this present danger?

Kashmala Kakakhel, LEAD Pakistan, and Tom Mitchell and Emily Wilkinson, Overseas Development Institute explain key points emerging from recent consultations on Loss and Damage and what impact this is likely to have upon negotiations in Doha. [more]…

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