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Kashmala Kakakhel

Kashmala Kakakhel was a Project Manager at CDKN Pakistan from 2010 to 2015.

Kashmala Kakakhel's content

FEATURE: New CDKN research shows the reality of climate-induced migration in Bangladesh

Research from the University of Sussex and University of Dhaka provides the Government of Bangladesh with an accurate assessment of the facts and figures of this growing phenomenon. [more]…

NEWS: Communities need greater support to cope with loss and damage from climate shifts

CDKN’s Kashmala Kakakhel reports from CoP 18 in Doha on five new case studies that show how climate change is affecting communities’ lives in Kenya, the Gambia, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Micronesia. [more]…

FEATURE: Loss and Damage - From Defining to Understanding to Action

On her return from a UNFCCC Regional Workshop in Bangkok, Kashmala Kakakhel, CDKN Project Manager, explains how loss and damage is progressing within the climate talks. [more]…

EVENT: Expert meeting on assessing the risk of loss and damage

CDKN's Kashmala Kakakhel outlines the significance of this week's UNFCCC expert meeting on loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate change, in Tokyo, Japan. [more]…

NEWS: Update on loss and damage from CoP-17

CDKN's Coordinator for South Asia, Kashmala Kakakhel, reports from Durban on a new agreement on loss and damage from the Subsidiary Body for Implementation. [more]…

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