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Juliane Nier - CDKN Learning Manager

Juliane is supporting CDKN through the Learning Programme, which facilitates a collective inquiry process for CDKN's team and its partners. Together they learn from practical experiences of designing and delivering climate compatible development and use this learning to inform future decisions and investments.

Juliane joined CDKN in 2013, having previously worked as Programme Manager Leading for Sustainability at Lead International and has an MA in Educational Planning, Economics and International Development from UCL and a BA in European Studies with Politics.

Juliane Nier's content

FEATURE: Action lab tackles Uganda's climate and migration challenges

CDKN and the Netherlands Embassy co-hosted an Action Lab in Kampala that brought together development practitioners from government, donors, research organisations and implementation partners to identify research questions and other actions that could help Uganda tackle climate change. Suzanne Carter and Juliane Nier of CDKN share the key messages on climate-related migration. [more]…

FEATURE: Learning by doing - testing models for rural electrification in India and Uganda

Juliane Nier and Susannah Fitzherbert-Brockholes of CDKN report on how businesses in India and Uganda are learning from each other about the scale-up of decentralised renewable energy technologies. [more]…

FEATURE: Mobilising resources for climate compatible development - Insights from CDKN's experience

Juliane Nier, CDKN's Learning Coordinator, reports from a workshop convened by CDKN to share experiences among our partners on how to finance climate compatible development. Hosted by the Government of Rwanda in Kigali last month, the participants identified the 'ingredients' needed to mobilise resources. [more]…

FEATURE: Learning about climate compatible development - share with us

Juliane Nier and Rachel Phillips reflect on the UK International Climate Fund's Learning for Change Dialogue and present ideas for others to use. Please share your own ideas on learning with us. [more]…

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