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Jean-Pierre Roux - Communications Officer

Jean-Pierre provides knowledge management support for SouthSouthNorth and CDKN projects in East Africa, having joined the team in February 2013. He is also a project manager on the Future Climate for Africa project.

He has a research interest in African energy policy. His current interest is in understanding how longer term climate information may modify investment plans for long-lived infrastructure and how the provision of climate services can be optimised for such decision-making contexts in Africa.

Jean-Pierre holds an Honours Bachelors in Philosophy from the University of Cape Town and a Masters in Environmental Policy from Oxford

Jean-Pierre Roux's content

FEATURE: How to tailor adaptation programmes

Mairi Dupar and Jean-Pierre Roux report from a side event at COP22 about how decision-makers can tailor adaptation programmes to get the best results. [more]…

FEATURE: How to increase investment in renewable energy in developing countries

Jean-Pierre Roux (SouthSouthNorth) discusses scaling up private investment in renewable energy in developing countries. [more]…

OUTLOOK: Rwanda Special Edition

CDKN's Climate and Development Outlook focuses on Rwanda's pioneering steps towards a climate resilient green economy, as the Government of Rwanda reviews the first round of applications to its Fund for Environment and Climate Change (FONERWA). [more]…

OPINION: Opportunities in urban informality, development and climate resilience in African cities

Blaise Dobson and Jean-Pierre Roux argue that we cannot ignore the theme of African urbanisation in the 21st century. Growing urban informality is an opportunity to leverage innovative ways to build climate compatible cities. [more]…

FEATURE: New study sheds light on the Nigerian off-grid solar market

A recent workshop in Lagos presented an exciting first glimpse into the findings of the Lighting Africa market intelligence research on the opportunities and challenges for off-grid solar in Nigeria. [more]…

FEATURE: Modelling the social costs of mitigation policies

Efforts to curb GHG emissions within countries will have ripple effects throughout the economy. Computer models currently under development offer useful tools for policy makers to explore scenarios illustrating the social costs of different mitigation actions. [more]…

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