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Jorge Villanueva - Communications Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean

Having previously worked as the Coordinator of the Caribbean Project at the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law (SPDA), and Communications Manager at Asociación Civil LABOR Peru, Jorge joined CDKN as Regional Communications Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean in 2013.

Jorge is responsible for communicating issues surrounding climate compatible development among decision makers and key stakeholders within the region. His work also involves the elaboration of communication products such as video reports, interviews, animations and infographics, as well as the dissemination of the most relevant publications produced by CDKN. He is additionally responsible for the relationship with regional journalists and the management of the CDKN´s social media channels in Latin America.

Jorge Villanueva's content

OPINION: Transformational change in climate compatible development – what and how?

During a recent interview, Jorge Villanueva of CDKN asked LEDS LAC Secretariat Coordinator, Ana Maria Majano: "What is a transformative climate agenda?" The following is a summary of her remarks. [more]…

NEWS: Latin America ‘Action Lab’ aims to spark transformative agendas for climate policy

In Quito, Ecuador, participants from 10 countries will gather to build momentum for this year's global climate negotiations, reports Jorge Villanueva of CDKN. [more]…

NEWS: The road to low-emissions development - Peru's PlanCC identifies more than 70 mitigation options

Jorge Villanueva of CDKN reports on the completion of a major climate planning exercise by the Government of Peru, which was co-funded by CDKN. [more]…

NEWS: World Summit of Legislators urges national action on climate change in the lead up to 2015

Representatives from 80 countries gathered at the World Summit of Legislators in Mexico call for more aggressive domestic legislation on climate change as a foundation for more ambitious international agreements in 2015. [more]…

NEWS: International climate agreements should reflect civil society concerns

According to Figueres, international climate negotiations should aim to reduce the gap between negotiated issues and realities that local communities face. [more]…

FEATURE: Reciprocal watershed agreements: alternative to traditional payments for environmental services in Latin America

Jorge Villanueva reports on Bolivia's Reciprocal Watershed Agreements, a CDKN-supported scheme that is yielding many benefits for the climate, as well as for local livelihoods and the environment. [more]…

OPINION: Could ‘climate justice’ be the rallying cry the world needs?

Could climate justice provide a compelling narrative to drive ambitious climate action? Mairi Dupar and Jorge Villanueva of CDKN investigate [more]…

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