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Dina Khan - Country Programme Manager, Indonesia

Dina steers and manages CDKN’s technical programme in Indonesia that supports climate compatible development policy and practice at central and local levels. She works with a range of policy partners in shaping initiatives to facilitate the implementation of Indonesia’s ambitious climate targets, and to improve domestic climate finance flows. Previously, she managed similar technical assistance in Pakistan and other parts of Asia.

Dina also supports CDKN’s Global Public Goods (GPG) programme through research and learning initiatives at regional scale. She has led the design and commissioning of research calls targeting priority CCD knowledge gaps in South and Southeast Asian countries, and contributes to the DRM and Climate Finance learning streams of CDKN.

She has over 10 years experience as a programme specialist in climate change adaptation, low carbon development, disaster risk management, and knowledge networks.

Dina Khan's content

OUTLOOK: Indonesia Special Edition

CDKN is convening decision-makers to test and explore the concept of climate-compatible development, particularly in the energy sector and at province, district and city level in Indonesia. This edition of Climate and Development Outlook takes a tour of CDKN's programme throughout this diverse country. [más]…

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