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Christina Elvers - Head of Advocacy Fund - Negotiations Support Team

Christina is the Head of Advocacy Fund in CDKN's Negotiations Support team, with a particular focus on climate finance. She works with a range of stakeholders to build the negotiating capacity of those countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. At PwC, she focuses on international development, sustainable forestry, sustainability reporting and climate change. Prior to joining PwC in 2012, Christina worked at the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

Christina Elvers's content

OPINION: Green Climate Fund Board sets itself on even keel for 2016 decisions

The Green Climate Fund’s (GCF) latest Board meeting took place in Songdo, South Korea, from 8-10 March 2016. CDKN's Christina Elvers observed the proceedings. [more]…

FEATURE: Climate change - bring in the marketing specialists

Christina Elvers and Chris Webb report on the hot debates about food consumption on the sidelines of the UN climate talks in Paris - and find that the conversation currently lacks the expertise of consumer marketing specialists. [more]…

FEATURE: The Green Climate Fund – baby steps towards delivery

CDKN's Ari Huhtala and Christina Elvers report from the meeting of the Green Climate Fund Board in Zambia last week, where the Board made its first funding decisions. [more]…

FEATURE: Land use change and forestry – challenges and opportunities for developing countries

Christina Elvers of CDKN's Negotiations Support team assesses current issues around land use, forest protection and REDD+ in the international climate talks - and what these mean for tropical forest countries. [more]…

OPINION: G7 leaders put their weight behind Paris deal, but progress at UNFCCC talks in Bonn is glacial

Christina Elvers and Kiran Sura of CDKN with Chris Webb report on progress last week in international climate negotiations. [more]…

OPINION: The Green Climate Fund - "On track, but keep your eyes on the road"

Christina Elvers of CDKN was an observer at the ninth Board Meeting of the Green Climate Fund last week and reports on what the Board achieved - and what major tasks lie ahead. [more]…

OPINION: Bridge-building in Bonn on shaky foundations?

Kiran Sura and Christina Elvers of CDKN's Negotiations Support team report on the latest UNFCCC climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany. [more]…

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