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PROJECT: Gender Hub - Training on Gender Integrated Planning

This project has trained individuals in charge of planning processes in CDKN projects and organizations, to assist them to understand gender issues and address these in the planning process. [more]…

PROJECT: Scaling-up Climate Smart Agriculture In Nepal

Through this project, CDKN aims to strengthen the evidence base on the climate compatible development benefits and viability for large-scale application of climate-smart agricultural practices. [more]…

PROJECT: Supporting the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) process in Pakistan

Under this project, CDKN supported the Ministry of Climate Change, Government of Pakistan (GoP) in building its capacity to plan and develop its INDC for submission to the UNFCCC. [more]…

PROJECT: Deepening and Expanding Heat Health Action in India

Ahmedabad's model for tackling extreme heat is being scaled-up to new cities in India. [more]…

PROJECT: Disaster and Climate Resilience Across the Eastern Himalayas

The projects aims to provide a regional model for the integration of climate change information into risk reduction and rural development planning at the landscape scale that takes stakeholder perceptions, aspiration, and constraints more fully into account while bringing DRR and CCA processes into closer interaction within institutional and policy spaces. [more]…

PROJECT: Gender and state climate change action plans in India

Climate change affects women first and worst. Women are also a key part of the solution. In India, CDKN has supported policy research on gender and climate change adaptation, to mainstream gender in State-level Action Plans on Climate Change. [more]…

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