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Integrated Assessment for the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100: Analysis of selected interventions

This open access, online book reports on analysis by the ESPA Deltas project. The project used a model, the Delta Dynamic Integrated Emulator Model (ΔDIEM), to analyse the present and future of the vast Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna delta in a policy-relevant way in order to benefit ecosystems, livelihoods and people.

Tracing back to move ahead: a review of development pathways that constrain adaptation futures

This paper assesses urbanisation in Bangalore, and India's agricultural policies, and identifies triggers of change in local and regional development that have led to adaptation-constrained spaces.

An app for Ghana’s agriculture & adaptation

To support extension officers, community development workers, researchers and students in Northern Ghana, ASSAR developed a mobile app for sharing adaptation knowledge and information. Watch the video to learn more.

Ecosystem services for poverty alleviation: Trade-offs and governance

The book synthesises the ESPA programme's compelling evidence on ecosystems and wellbeing. It addresses the evolving framings and contexts of ecosystem services for poverty alleviation, reviews the impacts of ongoing drivers of change and presents new ways to achieve sustainable wellbeing, equity, diversity, and resilience.

Recognising the dynamics that surround drought impacts

Effective reduction of drought risk can seldom be achieved as a standalone measure. Findings from ASSAR's work in semi-arid Ethiopia and Kenya show how multiple environmental and societal dynamics shape

From cows to camels

Short film about how ASSAR's worked with herders in Kenya's drylands to support adaptation through peer-to-peer learning about camel-rearing and land management according to the traditional Dedha system.

Price, water and trade in agriculture: an alternative to the rain dance

This paper represents a preliminary analysis providing evidence of the importance of trade for the resilience of agriculture to rainfall shocks.

Sustainable livelihoods in the Volta delta, Ghana

Mangrove planting and harvesting is being promoted in the Volta delta as an alternative livelihood to fishing and farming. This clip outlines how the process is taking place, the support of the government authorities, and its advantages.

Ensuring climate-smart agriculture leaves no-one behind‘leaves-no-one-behind’

Climate-smart agriculture approaches will be necessary to secure food production across Africa as the effects of climate change are increasingly felt. Can these approaches also help lift the poorest farmers out of poverty?

Agriculture and water: testimony from two villages in Burkina Faso

This film illustrates some of the findings from PRISE research on climate and migration, highlighting the impact of water resource management on the migration patterns of a farming community in Burkina Faso.

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