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RESOURCE: Gender training pack for Ethiopian practitioners

CDKN has developed presentations and exercises for facilitators to use in training settings, to help climate and development professionals in Ethiopia to integrate gender perspectives into climate projects and programmes. [more]…

Namibia Graphic Harvest

GRAPHIC: What does global warming of 1.5 degrees mean for Namibia?

As part of the CDKN-funded project, Strengthening regional climate change governance through integrating gender-responsive climate action, the University of Namibia team have produced a graphic harvest on  what global warming of 1.5°C means for Namibia. [more]…

INFOGRAPHIC: Climate risks and opportunities in the grain value chain

As part of the CDKN-funded project, Mitigating the effects of climate change on grain quality and post-harvest losses in East Africa, the Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) co-produced an infographic on the climate risks and opportunities in the grain value chain. [more]…

Multiscale governance & food security in Mali

When policies are designed from only one perspective, they can result in unintended outcomes. Lessons from ASSAR's work in Mali on the impacts of top-down decision-making for governance of natural resources and agricultural systems.

Impacts of 1.5℃ warming on semi-arid areas

The 1.5°C global warming threshold could be breached as early as the next decade. For semi-arid African countries, a 1.5°C increase in global temperature will have severe local impacts, affecting water, agriculture, health, and other vulnerable sectors.

DECCMA Delta Portal: Data, Information and Knowledge for Deltas

Delta portal of spatial datasets and data outputs from selected delta research projects (including DECCMA)

The aftermath of Aila: The lingering effects of a tropical cyclone in the Indian Bengal delta

Nearly 10 years after cyclone Aila hit the Indian Bengal delta, its effects are still felt. This story outlines life in the delta and the livelihood options that people pursue.

Deltas: Present and Future

This infographic outlines what we know about deltas in terms of environmental impacts, economy, migration and adaptation, and how we expect them to evolve in the future under climate change

Fishing boats at Kanyakumari, India.

Fishing boats at Kanyakumari, India [more]…

Fishing in India

Fishing in India [more]…

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