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Urban – Small Island Developing States

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Rapid and unsustainable urban development, international financial pressures, increases in socioeconomic inequality, failures in governance and environmental degradation affect vulnerability. These changes unfold in different places at different times, meaning that strategies to strengthen resilience and reduce exposure and vulnerability need to be locally or regionally specific. For example, countries that are rapidly urbanising are vulnerable to climate change if their economic development is slow. In other countries, urbanisation may present opportunities to adapt to climate change. Poverty is also a critical factor in determining vulnerability to climate change and extreme events.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic-IPCC-AR5 toolkit-report

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Courtesy of sir Pengallan/Fotostock

Urban scene in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in the Caribbean

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Oil refinery, Cuba-IPCC-AR5 toolkit-report

Oil refinery, Cuba

Courtesy of Rob Crandall/Fotosearch

This image shows Havana’s oil refinery and port, Cuba

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Havana harbour, Cuba-IPCC-AR5 toolkit-report

Havana harbour, Cuba

Courtesy of Canabi, Hugo/Fotosearch

Image of Havana harbour, Cuba

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Docks, Singapore-IPCC-AR5 toolkit-report

Docks, Singapore

Courtesy of Vitalytitov/Fotosearch

Image of commercial docks in Singapore

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Oil refinery, Cuba-IPCC-AR5 toolkit-report

Oil refinery, Cuba

Courtesy of Tupungato/Fotosearch

Image of pollution from an oil refinery near Havana, Cuba

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Nassua Harbour lighthouse, the Bahamas-IPCC-AR5 toolkit-report

Nassua Harbour lighthouse, the Bahamas

Courtesy of Laimene/Fotosearch

Image of Nassua Habour lighthouse in the Bahamas

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Singapore highway and port-IPCC-AR5 toolkit-report

Singapore highway and port

Courtesy of joyfull/Fotosearch

Image of Singapore highway and port

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Aerial image of Havana, Cuba-IPCC-AR5 toolkit-report

Aerial image of Havana, Cuba

Courtesy of Brians101/Fotosearch

Image of Havana city in Cuba

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Apia market, Samoa-IPCC-AR5 toolkit-report

Apia market, Samoa

Courtesy of United Nations Women Pacific

Image of Apia market in Samoa

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