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The IPCC has produced the most comprehensive assessment of climate change ever. The Fifth Assessment Report (AR5), is the work of 830 expert authors from 85 countries and its first three volumes already stretch to 5,000+ pages. Now, the Climate and Development Knowledge Network and the Overseas Development Institute have released a succinct guide to the assessment for decision-makers in Africa.

Africa AR5 Toolkit

Alongside the What’s in it for Africa report, CDKN presents a ‘Media Toolkit’, a bundle of resources freely available for training, educational and reporting purposes, to encourage understanding of the report worldwide.

Infographics-IPCC-AR5 toolkit-report


Data representation

These infographics illustrate the data presented by What's in it for Africa and can be used by anyone for training and discussion purposes.

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Presentation Slides-IPCC-AR5 toolkit-report

Presentation Slides

Adaptable slides

To encourage a dialogue on What's in it for Africa, these image slideshows can be used by anyone for training and discussion purposes.

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Images-IPCC-AR5 toolkit-report


Free and high quality

These images are free to use by journalists under an exclusive license in conjunction with articles on the contents of What's in it for Africa.

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Guidelines for using the Media Toolkit

Guidelines for using images

Infographics and presentations

The infographics and presentations offered as part of one of our initiatives are intended to be used for educational purposes and to generate discussion around the reports.


The images presented as part of one of our initiatives are free to use by journalists or educators in connection with the activities of the initiative. However, they are licensed only for this purpose, so to monitor access to the images, we require that interested parties submit their details to be granted permission to download the images.

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