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Management team

The Management team is responsible for the day to day running of CDKN. It is chaired by the CEO and comprises of the Chief Operations Officer, the regional leads and Heads of Output. It meets every three months to:

  • Formulate or evaluate CDKN strategy
  • Agree, monitor and evaluate business plans
  • Resolve programme issues and address high level programme risks
  • Confirm annual and quarterly planning and priorities
  • Strengthen relationships in the CDKN delivery team

Sam Bickersteth |

Sam Bickersteth

Sam led CDKN, a global alliance of southern and northern organisations delivering innovative solutions for climate compatible development in developing countries from 2011-17. He established CDKN as a leading global, multi-donor funded programme supporting developing country decision-makers. Through [more…]

Ari Huhtala | Deputy CEO – Policy and Programmes

Ari Huhtala

Ari is an economist from Finland and he has spent most of his life in development work, first in the field of industrial development and technology/investment promotion and then specialising in environmental financing issues. His experience includes UNDP in Hanoi and Dhaka, UNIDO headquarters in [more…]

Ali Cambray | Future Funding Lead

Ali Cambray

Alison has 15 years’ experience as a specialist in environmental policy, including on climate change mitigation, adaptation, water quality and flood management. An Assistant Director in PwC’s Sustainability & Climate Change team, she works with central and local governments and businesses to [more…]

Ali Tauqeer Sheikh | Regional Director for Asia

Ali Tauqeer Sheikh

Ali Tauqeer Sheikh is the founding CEO & National Program Director of LEAD Pakistan, and CDKN’s Regional Director for Asia. LEAD is the largest network of professionals on sustainable development in Pakistan. In his capacity as the Asia Director for CDKN, Mr. Sheikh leads efforts to assist developing [more…]

Connie Espinosa | Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean

Connie Espinosa

Connie is an Environmental Economist with fourteen years of experience in forest and conservation related issues; eight of which linked to climate change mitigation. Connie worked at the IUCN linked to the Global Forest and Climate Change Programme for ten years, including four years in the Union coordinating [more…]

Carl Wesselink | Regional Director for Africa

Carl Wesselink

Carl is the Regional Director of CDKN Africa and a Director of SouthSouthNorth (SSN). In 2008 he joined the South African Export Development Fund, helping to establish its sustainable energy division. He has also pioneered a sustainable, community-based energy services model for the mass roll-out [more…]