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OPPORTUNITY: IPCC calls for nominations of authors for its Sixth Assessment Report

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has called for nominations of authors for the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6).  A letter of invitation has been sent to IPCC focal points and observer organisations inviting them to submit nominations of experts for consideration as Coordinating Lead Authors, Lead Authors, and Review Editors.

The IPCC is seeking experts across a range of disciplines and author teams aiming to reflect a range of scientific, technical and socio-economic views and backgrounds. Hoesung Lee, Chair of the IPCC advised; ‘We hope that more scientists from developing countries and more women scientists will be nominated as IPCC authors to give us diverse author teams that can provide a range of relevant perspectives’. The IPCC seeks a balance of men and women, those experienced with working on IPCC reports and those new to the process.

Historically, the contribution of African expertise has been very low. Future Climate For Africa, a CDKN-coordinated programme, is calling on its network of African experts to consider participating in the AR6 and circulate the call widely within their research communities and networks. Interested African experts should contact their IPCC national focal points or observer organisations who are designated to make nominations to the IPCC.

Whilst authors volunteer their time and expertise to participate, several reasons motivate participation:

  • Climate change remains an issue of utmost importance for the African continent. Informing the 6th Assessment Report provides an opportunity to improve its relevance to African challenges and influence African policy decisions and civil society.
  • Participation in the IPCC process contributes to career advancement. Apart from the global visibility afforded authors, review editors and expert reviewers, the process draws experts into an international community and is itself a learning experience. As Professor Bruce Hewitson from the University of Cape Town notes: “As a participant in the process, you always get more out than you put in.”

What does the AR6 encompass?

The call for nominations follows agreement on the outlines of the three Working Group contributions to the AR6:

  • Working Group 1: Assesses the physical science basis of climate change. For detailed chapter outline click here
  • Working Group 2; Is responsible for Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability. For detailed chapter outline click here and for additional notes to authors click here.
  • Working Group 3– Assesses mitigation and response options. For detailed chapter outline click here.

Applicants must be nominated by the IPCC focal point or by observer organisations. The deadline for submission of nominations is Friday 27 October 2017.  The Bureaus of the three IPCC Working Groups will select the author teams from the list of nominations.

For more information and background on the call for nomination, click here
To access the online nomination system, click here

For more information, please contact:
IPCC Press Office, Email:
Nina Peeva, +41 22 730 8142
Werani Zabula, +41 22 730 8120

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