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OPPORTUNITY: CDKN Invitation to Tender – Enhancing climate change outcomes in development programmes in Uganda

CDKN is looking to appoint a supplier or number of suppliers to undertake research services for enhancing climate change outcomes in development programmes in Uganda.


**New 11 October 2016**

Questions and Answers for Bidders on the Project TAAF0071

This project aims to provide research that will inform development programmes in order to achieve enhanced climate change responses and outcomes in Uganda that are focussed on 1) value chains in the livestock and dairy sectors, and 2) strengthening the resilience of potential migrants. In order to ensure that the research informs development programming/policy and practice, key senior development practitioners and policymakers in Uganda will need to be engaged throughout the research process. This will enhance the local relevance of the research and the likelihood of uptake and active engagement with the research results.

This is a notification to the market place that CDKN will be running an open competitive Invitation to Tender (ITT).

CDKN would like bidders to submit proposals in response to the list of ITT documents below.

Please note two key deadlines:

The Closing Date for proposal submissions is  17:00 (UK Time) Thursday 13th October 2016.

The Closing Date for questions to be submitted and responses issued by the evaluating panel is 17:00 (UK Time) Thursday 6th October 2016

Please below list of documents:

  1. ITT for TAAF-0071
  2. Annex B – Budget Template which must be completed and submitted with your proposal
  3. CDKN Terms and Conditions of Contract
  4. CDKN Expenses Policy (which all suppliers must comply with)

Please send applications to

Photo: Pete Lewis/Department for International Development

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