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EVENT: Join CDKN at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit

CDKN is hosting, together with the Asia LEDS Partnership, an open session at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit on ‘Learning from Green Growth Initiatives in Asia’ on Sat 2nd Feb.

The session will highlight innovative initiatives that enable green growth. At this market-place style session, participants will interact with representatives from a number of Asian countries who will showcase experiences and best practices in designing and implementing green growth policies and programs.

Co-chairs of the Asia Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) Partnership, Mr. Orestes Anastasia, USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia and Dr. Doddy Sukadri, Indonesia National Council on Climate Change will introduce the session.

There will then be a Green Growth Marketplace, with the following four country displays, each highlighting green growth policies and initiatives, lessons learned, and a unique “featured initiative”.

India:  Representatives from The Energy Research Institute (TERI)

Nepal:  Representatives from the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre and the National Planning Commission

Thailand:  Representatives from the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization

Vietnam:  Representatives from the Ministry of Planning and Investment

Participants will divide into four groups and will rotate among the four displays over the course of the session. At each display, a country representative will present on the featured initiative of their display (approximately 10 minutes) followed by a question and answer period (approximately 5 minutes). Business card exchange is encouraged. Groups will rotate until everyone has visited all country displays.

CDKN’s Ali T Sheikh will be closing the session with some reflections on how to take the Asia LEDS Partnership forward.

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