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OPPORTUNITY: Request for quotes for baseline analysis of ICT solutions to support climate negotiators and delegates

About CDKN

The Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) is a 5 year programme, funded by the UK Department for International Development and the Netherlands Directorate-General for International Cooperation (DGIS), which aims to help decision-makers in developing countries design and deliver climate compatible development. CDKN does this by providing demand-led research, technical assistance and negotiations support, and channelling the best available knowledge on climate change and development to support policy processes.

Overview of the project

The purpose of this project is to scope ICT solutions which increase the knowledge and confidence of negotiators and delegates from the poorest and most vulnerable countries to more actively and effectively influence climate change negotiations. This will involve a baseline analysis of existing ICT solutions, and analysis of the needs and requirements of negotiators and delegates. The supplier will be expected to deliver:

  • A baseline analysis of current ICT solutions available to negotiators and delegates
  • A stakeholder consultation to understand needs and requirements
  • A proposal of a range of ICT solutions for development

Timelines and budget:

The timeline for this project is 3-4 months. We expect suppliers to start work in October 2012 and to deliver a final report and recommendations in January 2013.

The maximum budget for this piece of work is £24,000 (inclusive of VAT and taxes).

Instructions for interested parties

If your organisation would be interested in finding out the detailed specification of this project as well as instructions as to how to submit a quote, please download the RFQ document using the link below:

If you have any questions regarding the procurement process or Request for Quotes (RFQ) document please send an email to

The email should include the following information:

  • Subject line: ‘RFQ- ADGL-0018: Baseline analysis of available solutions to support climate negotiators and delegates Organisation/company name.
  • A contact name(s), email address and telephone number for the most appropriate person(s) to send further information to regarding application.


Please note the deadline for completed quotes is 17:00 UK time on Friday 21st September 2012. Any clarification questions need to be sent to by 17:00 UK time on Monday 17th September 2012.

Download the Request for Quote document here


Important notices and instructions

CDKN Terms and Conditions and Expenses Policy:

As part of their proposal, bidders must confirm that they agree to the Expenses Policy and the Terms and Conditions. I would like to draw your attention to several clauses:

Clause 9.1 of the Terms and Conditions

The template contract contains standard minimum insurance cover levels of £1 million for professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance. These are set out at paragraph 7 of the Statement of Work.  As part of your proposal please confirm whether you have these insurance policies in place for the cover requested.

Please note: We do not require companies to have these policies in place at the proposal stages. The levels of insurance cover required will be negotiated with the successful bidder after contract award as some organisations may be exempt from this requirement.

Clause 11.11 of the Terms at Conditions

CDKN requires all non UK based suppliers to enlist the services of a UK service agent, the reasons behind this is set out fully in clause 11.11.

Clause 6 of the Statement of work – Pricing information

Please indicate as part of your budget your preferred payment mechanism for this work if you have one.

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