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OPPORTUNITY: Invitation to tender – Consensus building in international climate change talks

ADAF 0006: Consensus building in international climate change talks

Progress in international climate change talks requires consensus to be built between countries. This is especially true with regards the UNFCCC process. The CDKN Advocacy Fund provides support to negotiators from the poorest and most climate vulnerable countries to engage in international climate change talks. Supporting negotiators is also one of CDKN’s 4 main themes, which aim to share learning from CDKN work and provide thought leadership on key issues.

In May 2012 CDKN co-hosted (with UNITAR) an event at the UNFCCC meeting in Bonn, Germany, which brought together a variety of advocacy fund stakeholders to discuss how best to support negotiators in international climate change negotiations. A panel of experts, including negotiators and advisors, shared ideas and methods (‘best practice’) and engaged in open discussion with over 50 participants. The discussion highlighted the importance of building consensus in international climate change talks (see and stakeholders expressed a desire to continue the dialogue and have similar events in future.

In order to continue this dialogue, it is proposed that the CDKN host 1-2 events annually to gather key stakeholders and experts to discuss consensus building within the context of the international climate negotiations. It is hoped that such events will help negotiators to step back from the technical issues and think and engage on the task of building consensus. The events will also be important in informing the strategy of the CDKN Advocacy Fund and ensure that the efforts of the fund are focussed on the interventions which help to build consensus.

The CDKN advocacy Fund is initially interested in hosting an event in London on October 29th 2012 and another event in Doha at the COP meeting at the end of November 2012. Subsequent events will be held annually (one at the COP meeting and dependent on demand, one non-COP event).

In order to ensure that the events generate the best outcomes and recommendations for future consensus building, CDKN would like to procure and fund a supplier to organise, facilitate and analyse the events over the next 3 years.

In their responses to this ITT suppliers will need to demonstrate relevant qualifications, experience and expertise in planning, facilitating and analysing events of this nature and experience and expertise in using a variety of consensus building approaches. Additionally suppliers should have good networks with climate change negotiators and other stakeholders and provide evidence of convening power with government officials, NGOs and businesses.

Instructions for interested parties

In order to receive the high level terms of reference please send an email to

The email should include the following information:

  • Subject line: ‘ADAF 0006: Consensus building in international climate change talks’
  • Organisation/company name.
  • The name of any partner organisations you anticipate that you will work with.
  • A contact name(s), email address and telephone number for the most appropriate person(s) to send further information to regarding bidding.


Please note the deadline for any clarification questions is the 27th August 2012.

The deadline for completed responses to the ITT is 17:00pm UK time on 3rd September 2012. 


Photo courtesy of Flickr/Evan Forester

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