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OPPORTUNITY: Mozambique Country Engagement Leader

CDKN short term opportunity: TAAF-0029e Mozambique Country Engagement Leader role

CDKN has been working with the Ministry for Coordination of Environment Affairs (MICOA) to enhance the country’s climate change response framework. The components of this framework include a number of distinct but interrelated streams under the mandate of different government ministries. In order to develop a joint and coordinated approach to support the Government of Mozambique on their specific needs, the Mozambique Climate Compatible Development (CCD) Combined Work Programme was developed based on discussions with the Mozambican Environment Fund (FUNAB), National Institute for Disasters Management (INGC), UNEP and DFID.

The work to date has been mainly focused on arranging support for Mozambique to be accredited as a National Implementing Entity for the Adaptation Fund (NIE), carrying out a climate change health, agriculture and disasters analysis, developing a national climate change strategy (with respect to strengthening the evidence base), and coordination of the combined work package

CDKN is looking for a Country Engagement Leader to ensure coordination of the CDKN funded workstreams, operational efficiency and achieve alignment of the inputs and outputs, enabling effective synergies to enhance the outcomes of the workstreams. The services to be provided by the CEL will be:

  • Liaising and coordinating two service providers: one delivering on the registration of FUNAB as a NIE and based in Mozambique and the other delivering on the climate change health, agriculture and disasters analysis and based in South Africa.
  • Support CDKN management with related project funds and payment processes for the appointed service providers.
  • Quality assurance of relevant components of the two projects mentioned above, i.e. review of technical inputs to ensure compliance with ToRs, quality and relevance of delivery and outputs (in conjunction with MICOA/CONDES), technical review where necessary and value for money.
  • Reporting (technical, financial and operational) to CDKN.

Applicants need to satisfy the following requirements: must be resident in Mozambique, be fluent in written and spoken Portuguese and English, have existing relationships with MICOA and INGC, have a technical understanding of climate change issues in Mozambique, have an understanding of the intergovernmental relationships in Mozambique, be familiar with the donor landscape in Mozambique, and have a minimum of 3 years stakeholder engagement and management experience.

Depending on the applications submitted it is envisaged that this role will be for up to 7 months starting in July – August 2012. We will be looking to contract an individual for this role, however organisations can also apply but will need to nominate a person that CDKN will contract directly.

Instructions for interested parties

In order to submit your application, please send your CV and a Cover Letter by email to

The email should include the following information:

  • Subject line: ‘TAAF-0029e Mozambique Country Engagement Leader’
  • Organisation/company name
  • A contact name, email address and telephone number for the most appropriate person to send further information to regarding this application
  • CV and Cover Letter

Please note the deadline for submission of proposals is 17:00pm UK time on Thursday 19 July.


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