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OPPORTUNITY: CDKN Invitation to Tender – Scoping a combined programme of work on climate compatible development for Pakistan

CDKN is looking for a supplier to assist the Government of Pakistan in scoping a nationally appropriate programme of work for climate compatible development (CCD).  In consultation with the Ministry of National Disaster Management, Planning Commission, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The National as well as Provincial Disaster Management Authorities, sectoral ministries, experts, donors and other stakeholders the supplier will develop and scope streams of work to meet the Government’s priorities around CCD. The supplier will work with stakeholders to prioritise these work streams and gain consensus and ownership from the government. As Phase 2, these work streams may then be funded as separate projects by CDKN or other donors.

From conversations with the Government to date the following areas of work have emerged as possible priorities:

  • Identifying 4-6 key sectors and building a catalogue of projects underneath which can be made available for funding opportunities.
  • Enhancement of Pakistan’s climate finance absorptive capacity
  • Preparation of Nationally Appropriate Mitigating Actions (NAMAs)
  • Adaptation of the National Climate Change Policy for 1-2 Provincial Governments

These priorities may be validated, replaced, amended and/or added to based on the results of the scoping and stakeholder engagement exercise to be completed by the supplier.

A consortium of international as well as local institutions may also be formed to bring in all the required expertise. Broadly, the team should have the following attributes:

  • Expertise and prior experience in the design of climate change work programmes in general, and specifically with the various work streams requested;
  • Working relationship with stakeholders in Pakistan;
  • Knowledge of the policy-making process in Pakistan and experience working with the Government;
  • Extensive experience of dialogue and consultations with policy-makers and stakeholders.
  • Ability to bring in additional technical experts from regional and international partners as required.

If you would like to receive the bidding documentation for this project please send an email to with your contact details and the bidder pack will be sent to you. The deadline for final proposals is 17.00 UK Time, 15 February 2012.


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