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OPPORTUNITY: Invitation for Expressions of Interest – vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in the Metropolitan District of Quito


Quito has experienced a temperature increase of 1.2 to 1.4°C over the last 100 years, significantly changing climate patterns, which directly and indirectly affects ecosystems, infrastructure, and the availability of water, human health, security and hydroelectric generation in the District. To face this challenge, the Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito adopted, in 2009, the Quito Climate Change Strategy (EQCC) and is currently implementing the Climate Action Plan.

Strategic Area 1 of the EQCC will provide the District with “adequate information to attenuate vulnerability and achieve planned adaptation to climate change in the areas of intervention”. To achieve this purpose, a Study must be conducted on vulnerability and adaptation to climate change to consolidate and provide key information and guidelines, to enable the Municipality to complement the actions that have already been implemented to cope with extreme climatic events and gradual changes and their consequences, and enhance the adaptive capacity of the District, its ecosystems and its economic and social systems.

In the framework of cooperation with the Municipality of Quito Metropolitan District, CDKN will support preparation of the study on vulnerability and adaptation in Quito, including urban and rural zones of the Metropolitan District, by engaging a multi-disciplinary team to incorporate the best local and international experts.

For this study, we are inviting organisations, research institutes or universities, or alliances between them, with recent experience in conducting this type of study. In general terms, the study aims to increase the resilience of the Metropolitan District of Quito (DMQ) to the effects of climate change and enhance the sustainability of livelihoods and ecosystems sustaining the people’s lives, especially in the most vulnerable sectors, by gathering solid, verifiable information, obtained under criteria of participation and priority for the factors contributing to vulnerability, to define, with this information, an Adaptation Program for DMQ, determining areas and sectors for priority intervention and key stakeholders.

The study is scheduled to take place during a ten-month period, beginning in February 2012.

If you are interested in applying for the selection process for this project, please formally submit your expression of Interest by e-mail, addressed to:

CDKN Procurement team, with copies to and

This e-mail should include the following information:

  • In the Subject field: Expression of interest: CDKN Study of Vulnerability in Quito.
  • Name of the Organisation / Institute / University.
  • A statement confirming your interest in submitting a bid for this contract.
  • The name of any partner organization / Institute / University that you expect to work on the project. We stress that non-Ecuadorian organizations, research institutes or universities must necessarily form alliances with peers in Quito or Ecuador to conduct the study.
  • Name(s) of contact person(s), email address and telephone number to send additional information regarding the submission of bids.

The deadline to send in Expressions of Interest is Monday 19 December 2011. The Terms of Reference for the Study will be sent out by 22 December 2011. The ToRs have been prepared through a participatory process led by the Secretariat of Environment of the Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito and CDKN, in coordination with key stakeholders of the District and in Ecuador.

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