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OPPORTUNITY: Global research call

Please note that the global research call is now closed. Thank you for your interest in CDKN.

The Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) supports developing countries to deliver climate compatible development. We offer advice and technical assistance, cutting-edge research, strategic knowledge sharing and partnership building. Within the research stream, we make periodic global and regional research calls on specific topics, and we also have an innovation fund that supports smaller research projects.

CDKN will allocate approximately £4 million for projects of 18 to 24 months’ duration in this research call. We expect most researchers will request a budget of £400,000-£500,000 for their projects. However, projects that have an exceptionally strong rationale for more will be considered, up to a maximum of £1 million per project.  We will make awards to projects which specify clear, challenging research questions, demonstrate strong theoretical bases and propose realistic methods and budgets with appropriate case studies.

The call will cover two themes:

  • Climate Compatible Development – policies and processes
  • Climate-related Disaster Risk Management and Resilience

CDKN seeks to fund research of the highest scientific standards with clear policy impact. In this call we challenge the international academic community to construct the most appropriate and innovative research to provide a robust evidence-base for decision-making, working directly with decision makers during the course of their research to achieve maximum impact. CDKN is therefore committed to:

  • expanding existing knowledge and theoretical understandings,
  • fostering direct integration between researchers and policy-makers throughout the research process,
  • including partners based in the global south, and
  • encouraging effective mutual capacity building between all partners (northern-based partners are welcome to apply, and will need to develop research alongside southern-based partners).

Please see the full Research Call Announcement for more details of the themes and sub-topics, and the application procedure.

–          CDKN Research Call Announcement
–          CDKN Proposal Application Guide
–          CDKN Research Call Application Form
–          Non Disclosure Agreement CDKN uses for contracts
–          CDKN Expenses Policy

The Terms and Conditions for the Research Agreement that these projects will be contracted under are now available below:

NB: The CDKN Research Terms and Conditions have been amended.  Paragraph 31 has been added to bring the document into line with other CDKN agreements.  In order to manage its risks, and because all our contracts are let under UK law, one of the key component parts of our contracts with non-UK organisations is that applicants must have an agent in the UK who can represent the organisation in receiving legal papers or notice should that become necessary. This agent may, for example, be a branch of their organisation in the UK, embassy, solicitor or a commercial organisation that offers such services

Please note that we do not require companies to have a UK Service Agent at the proposal stage, only once the contract has been awarded; the fees associated with the service agent can be covered by the contract.

CDKN Research Project Terms and Conditions

Please also take a look at our FAQs should you have any further questions. If your query is unanswered, please contact the Research Team at, who will be happy to assist however possible.


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