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OPPORUNITY: Management of long-term regional research call in the Caribbean – Call for Expressions of Interest

The CDKN Research programme’s guiding principle is to design high quality research that is both demand-led and bridges knowledge gaps in climate and development. CDKN designs global and regional research calls when there is a clear need for ground-breaking research, based on clearly identified demand, to inform the design of climate compatible development policies and programmes.

CDKN wishes to contract a supplier to prepare and manage a long-term research call on climate change and development in the Caribbean region.  In brief, this includes:

  • Design a research call (available funding of £400,000) to commission high quality, research to support climate compatible development policy planning and programme development in the Caribbean region;
  • Make awards totalling up to £400,000 for delivery of high quality research to address specific knowledge gaps identified by policy-makers and other key stakeholders;
  • Build the capacity of regional research partners to conduct and disseminate high quality research and to engage and inform the policy process;
  • Provide local (Caribbean-based) research partners with the opportunity to expand cross regional research collaborations on climate compatible development;
  • Document and disseminate high quality research through a range of written outputs and knowledge exchange forums.

The work will be commissioned through a restricted tender process and funded by CDKN. If you are interested in tendering, please express interest and you will receive the tender documents. We hope to appoint the contractor by mid-October.

In order to express interest, please kindly send an email to the CDKN Procurement team (

The email should include the following information:

•       Subject line: Expression of interest: Caribbean Research Call

•       Organisation/company name.

•       A sentence confirming your interest in bidding for the work.

•       The name of any partner organisations you anticipate that you will work with.

•       A contact name(s), email address and telephone number for the most appropriate person(s) to send further information to regarding bidding.

The deadline for submission of Expressions of Interest is 12.00 noon GMT on 8 September 2011. Tender documents will be sent out the following week.

Your suggestions for other organisations that you believe should be invited to tender for this work are also welcome. Please send any suggestions to the contacts above.

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