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OPPORTUNITY: Call for publishing services for CDKN

Climate change and development are huge, interlinked global challenges. CDKN is dedicated to assisting developing countries to design and deliver climate compatible development.  One of our main goals is to make relevant information and analysis more accessible to a range of developing country decision-makers. In so doing, one of CDKN’s key challenges is to communicate climate and development messages in a clear and accessible way.

We are seeking to contract a publishing company that will provide a range of editorial and production services in support of our ambitious publications programme. Central roles in the delivery of this contract will be a managing editor and a web editor. These editors will help CDKN to communicate complex ideas in a credible, authoritative way for non-specialists. We are inviting Expressions of Interest from companies that are qualified and interested in tendering for this work. The initial contract period is one year.

The successful supplier will support CDKN by:

1. Managing the commissioning and production of a stream of high quality global CDKN publications, in an efficient, flexible, cost effective manner; and

2. Providing editorial support for the CDKN website.

The above may include, but is not limited to, translating documents into major world languages, design and layout of documents according to agreed formats, and editing and proofing CDKN-commissioned publications to ensure a consistent, high-quality final product.

CDKN expects to contract with a leading publishing company that will provide the core editorial services and ability to coordinate and supervise the numerous workstreams involved in this contract. We recognise that some of the more specialist translation and production services may, in turn, be sub-contracted by the main supplier. We are willing consider such arrangements as long as the services are fully quality assured to expected CDKN standards, and managed in an efficient and cost-effective way.

The work will be commissioned through a restricted tender process and funded by CDKN.

We hope to appoint the contractor by end of June 2011 and as such this will be a rapid tendering process.

If you are interested in tendering, please express your interest formally by emailing the

CDKN Procurement team (

The email should include the following information:

  • Subject line: Expression of interest: CDKN Publishing Company
  • Organisation/company name.
  • A sentence confirming your interest in bidding for the work.
  • The name of any partner organisations you anticipate that you will work with.
  • A contact name(s), email address and telephone number for the most appropriate person(s) to send further information to regarding bidding.

The deadline for submission of Expressions of Interest is 17.00 GMT on Friday 27 May 2011. Tender documents will be sent out the following week.

Your suggestions for other organisations that you believe should be invited to tender for this work are also welcome. Please send any suggestions to the contacts above.

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