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Strengthening resilience through climate-related disaster risk management

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Climate change and inland flooding in Jamaica: risk and adaptation measures for vulnerable communities

Flooding from extreme rainfall events is one of the major natural hazards affecting Jamaica and other small island states in the Caribbean. This project aims to improve flood models and use information from past extreme rainfall events to create maps which illustrate future flood risk. Its goal is to model extreme events and create five, ten and twenty-five-year flood inundation maps for both present and future climate projections. [more...]

Addis Ababa

Ecosystems-based approaches to building resilience in urban areas: Making the case for a framework for smart decision-making criteria

Project Reference: AAGL-0017d

Ecosystem-based adaptation is listed in the Durban Adaptation Charter as a priority action for local and sub-national governments. This project brings together urban practitioners, policy makers and the scientific community/leading thinkers to draft a “framework” for smart decision-making criteria around Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) and ecosystems management for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). [more...]


Caribbean Weather Impact Group – supporting risk-based decision making (CARIWIG)

Project Reference: RSGL-0024H

Managers and policy makers in the Caribbean require knowledge of the likely impacts and hazards arising from climate change that is relevant to their geographical location and planning time-frames. However, current climate model projections lack the resolution needed for useful consideration in resource management decisions, and exhibit biases with respect to the local climate. In addition, it is not always clear to managers and policy makers how climate change information can and should be utilised in decision making. [more...]

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