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Climate compatible development strategies and plans

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Climate change and inland flooding in Jamaica: risk and adaptation measures for vulnerable communities

Flooding from extreme rainfall events is one of the major natural hazards affecting Jamaica and other small island states in the Caribbean. This project aims to improve flood models and use information from past extreme rainfall events to create maps which illustrate future flood risk. Its goal is to model extreme events and create five, ten and twenty-five-year flood inundation maps for both present and future climate projections. [more...]


Climate impacts and resilience in Caribbean agriculture: Assessing the consequences of climate change on cocoa and tomato production in Trin...

Despite the importance of the agriculture sector, farmers throughout the Caribbean have limited information on the likely future impacts of climate change and the potential of their crops to withstand these changes. This project aims to bridge the knowledge gap and increase the dialogue between cocoa and tomato growers and researchers in the Caribbean. It also seeks to establish a set of protocols that can be used to screen tropical plants for resilience to drought and heat stress and create models to help visualize the various ways that climate change could impact current crop production. [more...]

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Identifying opportunities for climate compatible tourism development in Belize

Belize’s economic growth is inherently linked to expansion of the tourism industry, yet the activities of this industry often result in habitat degradation, undermining the very ecosystems on which it depends. This project will assess the vulnerability of Belize’s tourism system to climate change, including the coastal ecosystems on which it depends, and examine how current policies serve to facilitate or hinder climate-compatible tourism development, based on healthy coastal ecosystems. [more...]

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