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REPORT: Exposing gender gaps in financing climate change mitigation

This report highlights three projects that have received climate change mitigation financing and included attention to gender at some stage of their implementation: the Nepal Biogas Support Program, Household Energy and Universal Rural Energy in Mali, and the Bogotá, Colombia TransMilenio Bus Rapid Transit System. Some of the lessons drawn from these and similar projects can be helpful going forward as new efforts are made to integrate gender considerations into public and private climate mitigation projects and financing. [more...]

credit Neil Palmer/CIAT

REPORT: Ahmedabad Heat Action Plan 2014

This publication, the 2014 Heat Action Plan is an updated version of the first comprehensive early warning system and preparedness plan for extreme heat events in India launched in Ahmedabad last year. The Plan creates immediate and longer-term actions to increase preparedness, information-sharing, and response coordination to reduce the health impacts of extreme heat on vulnerable populations. [more...]

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