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Walking tall: a wildlife conservation success story. South Luangwa Area Management Unit (SLAMU).

Norway and Zambia have been cooperating on wildlife conservation and community development for 27 years. As a result of this partnership and the innovative integrated resource development approach to wildlife conservation and management, South Luangwa National Park (SLNP) is today one of the best managed national game parks in Africa:
•Species of wildlife have increased and so has the revenue as a result of effective wildlife protection measures and increased number of tourists
•Benefits from tourism and local development can be easily seen in the increased employment and improved livelihood of the local communities surrounding the Park
•The number of visitors to the SLNP reached 30,000 in 2011 generating more than USD 2.2 million in revenue. The Park is now able to meet its operational costs
•Poaching has been substantially reduced by turning poachers into game scouts and providing support to commercial production and processing of a number of crops using conservation farming methods