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América Latina y el Caribe

Climate related issues in the Latin American and Caribbean region are varied. In the Caribbean islands, a stark future of sea level rise and coastal erosion requires an immediate solution. Latin America houses the biodiversity wealth of the Amazon, threatened by climate change-induced growth. Melting of glacial mountains threaten floods, impacting a range of communities. But areas of common interest are clear for the region: food security, water management, ecosystem resilience and good governance. Climate science can be tailored to provide more accurate predictions of climate change. With improved scientific understanding, governments can make informed investment decisions, for example on infrastructure. You can see a list of our projects in the LAC region here.

Our focus countries are:


CDKN Latin America and the Caribbean Aspectos destacados


Action Lab Colombia: Laboratorio de acción y coordinación climática

El Action Lab Colombia reunirá a 50 líderes climáticos de las esferas público, privada, academia, sociedad civil y medios de comunicación. Se trata de un modelo de trabajo en grupo que estimula y forja las innovaciones y asociaciones (partnerships) en materia de cambio climático, con un foco en acción y coordinación para impulsar el desarrollo compatible con el clima. [más...]

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