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Provision of negotiations training to Pacific Region negotiators

Project Reference: ADGL0007

This project aims to support the financing of the participation of two representatives of the Pacific States to the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP 17) negotiations meeting and to the consultative sessions in particular. The key outputs include:

1. Flight tickets and attendance of the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) nations and resource people at the event secured

2. A report outlining the names of attendees, who the flights are procured for, their rationale for attendance, procured equipment and rationale for their use, and how outcomes will be monitored and evaluated, and

3. A report detailing the activities that have been funded, notably flights and accommodation, and including feedback and evidence to support the workshop outcomes.

The key outcome will be an increase in the technical understanding of key climate change issues and their policy implications within the context of Convention. This will include the integration of climate issues into national development and economic planning, contributing to the elaboration of negotiating positions, and the enhancement of Pacific Island Countries (PICs) communications and outreach. It will allow PICs to maximise their participation within international climate negotiations.

Further objectives of the project are to strengthen the capacity of the Pacific Voyage COP 17 media team to report on the issues of importance and relevance to the Pacific region.

CDKN funding: £90,000

Project Manager: Stuart Jefford


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