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Knowledge brokers collaboration: Connecting climate journalists in Latin America

Project Reference: KMGL-0040F

Ecosystem markets can provide a powerful tool in the effort to mitigate and adapt to climate change, but markets of any kind require widespread awareness and understanding among all stakeholders – be they subsistence farmers, environmental non-profit organisations or corporate buyers.

However, very few organisation currently provide free market data, information and analysis to help shape the markets and make them structurally stable, socially equitable and inclusive, and ecologically effective in Spanish.

This project aims to foster the creation of a global network of journalists and media organisations in the developing world that are capable of reporting on climate-change adaptation and other aspects of environmental finance for both a general and specialised audience. The focus is on connecting existing knowledge broker initiatives so content can be shared more effectively both within the climate-change community and with the world at large. Working with partners in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, the project is creating sister sites of Ecosystem Marketplace, the news service launched by Forest Trends in 2005 to cover payments for ecosystem services.

This is a scalable endeavour, mainly using freelance reporters, and it will begin in cooperation with three Latin American partners, harvesting lessons learned in previous endeavours and leveraging existing infrastructure and capacity. In addition to facilitating informed decision-making, the project also aims to catalyse new thinking.


Lead: Kate Hamilton (Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace)

Project partners: Luis Eduardo Cisneros (Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental; SPDA Actualidad Ambiental); Roberto León Gómez Charry (Fundación Natura); Marta Echavarria (La Red de Interesados en Servicios Ambientales, REDISAS)

CDKN funding: £75,000

Regions/countries: Latin America

Type: Research project, CDKN Knowledge Brokers Fund


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