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CDKN has partnered with leading research centres to deliver the programme: WRCP, the University of Cape Town’s Climate Systems Analysis Group, START, the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, and the Swedish Meteorological-Hydrological Institute. Through the programme, CDKN is fostering more communication between African scientists and research institutions, northern-based scientists and research institutions, think tanks, and development practitioners. Workshops and dialogues with African policy-makers are being run to inform the policy community and decision-making.

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people and climate

Understanding public perceptions on climate change in Kenya

Project Reference: TAAF-0040c

Public engagement on issues related to climate change can improve the understanding of what the public thinks and believes about climate change. This can also help build public awareness programmes that are tailored to ensure people are provided with information they need. [more...]

City of Dida Guchi, Ethiopia, hit by deadly drought in Spring 2008 - Photo IFRC

CORDEX-Africa: Enhancing climate change knowledge in Africa

Project Reference: PNAF-0001

More detailed information exists on the local impacts of climate change in Africa – but it’s unclear exactly how this knowledge can be used to inform policymaking. With leading research centres, CDKN is supporting the development of African expertise to apply this regional data to decision making and ensure it’s relevant to Africa’s knowledge needs. [more...]