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CDKN is a multi-year, multi-million pound programme, with its global hub offices in London, United Kingdom (PwC and Overseas Development Institute), and regional offices in Quito, Ecuador (Fundacion Futuro Latinoamericano); Islamabad, Pakistan (LEAD Pakistan); and Cape Town, South Africa (SouthSouthNorth).

This page lists the current vacancies among the member organisations of this CDKN alliance. Where individual jobs are advertised, applications must be made to the member organisation directly. Each has its own specific human resources process and requirements, so do follow the links and take note of these.

CDKN Invitation to Tender: Evaluation of CDKN’s programme

CDKN is looking to appoint a supplier (s) for the provision of evaluator/ evaluation team to undertake a final review of the programme in its seventh year of operations as an Anglo-Dutch programme, within a transition to a multi-donor funded entity.

The purpose of this review is assess and synthesise CDKN’s impact to date, encourage critical reflection within the programme, and promote learning for programme stakeholders, as well as CDKN and other sector actors more broadly. Download all essential documents here. Initial deadline for clarification questions is 26th October and final deadline for application is 11th November 2016.


CDKN Invitation to Tender: Quantifying the value for money of CDKN’s research projects

CDKN is looking to appoint a supplier (s)  to quantify the economic impact achieved, and value for money offered, from a select, purposive sample of CDKN research projects. This will include projects under CDKN’s Research Output but also Technical Assistance projects that include a substantial research component.

CDKN supports high quality research that responds to the needs and demand of its priority countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean. CDKN values innovative, thought-leading research in the field of climate compatible development which informs and influences policy. Additionally, CDKN seeks to foster partnerships and support research capacity in developing countries. Download all essential documents here.  Initial deadline for clarification questions is 26th October and final deadline for application is 11th November 2016.