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CDKN is a multi-year, multi-million pound programme, with its global hub offices in London, United Kingdom (PwC, LEAD International and Overseas Development Institute), and regional offices in Quito, Ecuador (Fundacion Futuro Latinoamericano); Islamabad, Pakistan (LEAD Pakistan); and Cape Town, South Africa (SouthSouthNorth).

This page lists the current vacancies among the member organisations of this CDKN alliance. Where individual jobs are advertised, applications must be made to the member organisation directly. Each has its own specific human resourcesHuman capital includes household members, active labor, education, knowledge and skills.R&D expertise; Agricultural practices experience, Management practices / management experience (IFC, 2010) process and requirements, so do follow the links and take note of these.

If you are an independent specialist, contractor or agency looking to work with CDKN, please consider nominating yourself for inclusion in the Roster of Experts.


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Deputy Project Coordinator – Building Climate Resilience in Limpopo Basin, Mozambique

The deadline for submitting a cover letter and CV is 5pm UK time 15th February 2015

A key focus of the Limpopo Basin project is the integration of climate resilience at every stage of project development. Efforts to climate-proof the selected water infrastructure project will help to ensure the sustainability of the project and the well-being and livelihoods of vulnerable communities in the Limpopo Basin. It will also provide the necessary analysis to help the Government of Mozambique leverage investment for construction and implementation, including access to climate finance.

With institutional support and oversight by the Government of Mozambique’s Southern Region Water Administration (ARA-Sul), the role of the Deputy Project Coordinator will be to:

(i) Support the Project Coordinator (to be appointed by ARA-Sul, in agreement with AfDB) in

(ii) Oversee the process of integrating climate resilience into the scope and implementation of the managing the project, as needed, and pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, and financing strategy.

The Deputy Project Coordinator will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the project under the supervision of the Project Coordinator (a part-time position).

Find more information about the role here.