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CDKN is a multi-year, multi-million pound programme, with its global hub offices in London, United Kingdom (PwC, LEAD International and Overseas Development Institute), and regional offices in Quito, Ecuador (Fundacion Futuro Latinoamericano); Islamabad, Pakistan (LEAD Pakistan); and Cape Town, South Africa (SouthSouthNorth).

This page lists the current vacancies among the member organisations of this CDKN alliance. Where individual jobs are advertised, applications must be made to the member organisation directly. Each has its own specific human resources process and requirements, so do follow the links and take note of these.

If you are an independent specialist, contractor or agency looking to work with CDKN, please consider nominating yourself for inclusion in the Roster of Experts.


Current vacancies and opportunities:

Latin America and the Caribbean




Further details:

Latin America and the Caribbean

Invitation to tender: TALA-0035 Pilot Climate Change Adaptation Measures for Quito

CDKN is seeking a supplier to support the Metropolitan District of Quito (DMQ) to: increase local knowledge on the present vulnerabilities caused by climate change; review and update the analysis of threats and local impacts caused by climate change and; identify and prioritize a portfolio of pilot climate change adaptation measures.

The bidding packs are expected to be released in December 2014. Bidders will have a minimum of 4 weeks to prepare and submit their response.

Please find an overview here.



Invitation to Tender: TAAF-0048a: Building Climate Resilience in the Limpopo Basin, Mozambique

Submission deadline: 12pm UK time 19th December 2014

CDKN is seeking to contract a supplier to support the Government of Mozambique with the design and development of a large-scale water infrastructure project in the Limpopo Basin that would provide a significant long-term response to the challenges posed by climate change and hydrological variability. The planning, financing and construction of large-scale water infrastructure requires addressing several social, environmental, technical, economic and climate change challenges through a comprehensive set of pre-feasibility, feasibility studies and assessments.

Find an overview including key deadlines and relevant documents here.



Invitation to Tender: TAAS-0051 Strengthening ICCTF’s Capacity to Access Global Climate Funds

Submission deadline: 12pm UK time 14th January 2015

CDKN is assisting the Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund (ICCTF) with efforts to enhance understanding and capability for tapping global climate finance, particularly the Green Climate Fund (GCF). The ICCTF is on its way to becoming a self-managed national trust fund after completing a pilot phase under the UNDP assisted PREP ICCTF scheme (2010-2014). A key indicator of success for the ICCTF in this new role will be the demonstrated ability to scale up financing for delivering national mitigation and adaptation objectives. Moreover, advanced strategies and mechanisms are expected that focus on innovation and transformational aspects of climate finance. Achieving direct access to global climate funds is one of the ways the ICCTF hopes to mobilise resources for national use. CDKN is arranging expert services to help the ICCTF assess eligibility for accreditation to global sources of funding such as the GCF, and to enhance capability generally for accessing international finances.

We are seeking a supplier to strengthen ICCTF’s capability to meet international standards in accessing and delivering climate finance and learning from global best practice.

Find an overview including key deadlines and relevant documents here.