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CDKN is a multi-year, multi-million pound programme, with its global hub offices in London, United Kingdom (PwC and Overseas Development Institute), and regional offices in Quito, Ecuador (Fundacion Futuro Latinoamericano); Islamabad, Pakistan (LEAD Pakistan); and Cape Town, South Africa (SouthSouthNorth).

This page lists the current vacancies among the member organisations of this CDKN alliance. Where individual jobs are advertised, applications must be made to the member organisation directly. Each has its own specific human resourcesHuman capital includes household members, active labor, education, knowledge and skills.R&D expertise; Agricultural practices experience, Management practices / management experience (IFC, 2010) process and requirements, so do follow the links and take note of these.

If you are an independent specialist, contractor or agency looking to work with CDKN, please consider nominating yourself for inclusion in the Roster of Experts.


We currently have the following opportunities, see below for more information on each:

KNLA-0008: Request for Quote: Knowledge from research in the Caribbean

AALA-0013: Planning for climate-induced temperature rises, San Salvador

TALA-0042: Climate proofing the Sandy Water bay service


Request for Quote: Knowledge from research in the Caribbean (KNLA-0008)

** The closing date for this RfQ as been extended by 1 week. Bidders must now email their submissions the Closing Date 15.00 UK time on Friday 4th December 2015.**

CDKN is looking for a technical supplier/consortium of bidders to develop and disseminate knowledge packages based on existing knowledge products in the Caribbean. The main objective is to develop key and strategic knowledge and communication materials that are tailored to policy makers and technicians of the Caribbean that reflect the research findings from Research Regional Call, CARIWIG and GIVRAPD projects that can help:

(a) Understand the type of research work that CDKN has supported in the region and evaluate its impact.
(b) Bring awareness to decision makers and technicians of the Caribbean of the knowledge generated by CDKN that can help them make informed decisions
(c) Catalyse new forms of dialogue and action in professional communities around climate compatible developmentClimate compatible development is development that minimises the harm caused by climate impacts, while maximising the many human development opportunities presented by transitions to a low emissions, resilient future. Charting a path towards climate compatible development will be a major ....
(d) Provide material for fundraising and capacity building on climate compatible development inside and outside CDKN.

For more information and to download the relevant documents, please see here.



Invitation to Tender: Planning for climate-induced temperature rises in the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador (AALA-0013)

CDKN is seeking to commission an analysis of historical data to determine trends, occurrences, projections and scenarios of gradual temperature increases and extreme heat events in the Metropolitan Area of El Salvador. It will also assess the economic and social impacts of such increases in temperature. This information will be used to inform the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in El Salvador (MARN) in order to raise awareness and engage national and sub-national decision-makers in undertaking actions to reduce the identified impacts in urban development and planning processes in San Salvador.

Bids should be submitted to no later than Friday 27th November 2015 by 15.00 hrs (UK time). For more information and to download the relevant documents, see here.


Invitation to Tender: Climate proofingClimate proofing to acceptable levels through long-lasting and environmentally sound, economically viable, and socially acceptable changes. the Sandy Bay water service improvement project, St Vincent (TALA-0042)

CDKN is looking for a supplier to increase the mobilisation of resources towards water infrastructure projects that increase climate resilience. By providing guidance, recommendations and technical support to the Central Water and Sewerage Authority in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (CWSA), this project will assist them in applying for funding for a climate-proofed Sandy Bay water service improvement project. The project will also aim to demonstrate a compelling case for changing the business as usualThe future is projected or predicted on the assumption that operating conditions and applied policies remain what they are at present. See also baseline, models, scenario. (IPCC model for investment in water security projects by analysing the costsCost: The consumption of resources such as labour time, capital, materials, fuels, etc. as the consequence of an action. In economics, all resources are valued at their opportunity cost, which is the value of the most valuable alternative use of the resources. Costs are defi ned in a variety of ... and benefits of climate proofing water sector infrastructure investments, in this case the Sandy Bay water service improvement project.

Bids should be submitted to no later than Friday 4th December 2015 by 15.00 (UK time). For more information and to download the relevant documents, see here.