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temple of meenakshi madurai india

INSIDE STORY: Future Proofing of an Indian City – Lessons from Madurai

Future proofing is an innovative approach to strengthen the 'blue-green infrastructure' of cities to cope with urbanisation and climate change. A new ‘Inside Story on Climate Compatible Development’ from the DHAN Foundation explores how they engaged broad swathes of the community in Madurai, India, to begin future proofing the city. [more...]


INSIDE STORY: Renewable energy solutions for Punjab’s industrial sector – Evaluating the NAMA approach in Sialkot City, Pakistan

Sialkot, Pakistan is a large manufacturing hub, in need of more energy supplies. CDKN and partners looked at the option of developing a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) to provide renewable energy to the city's industries. Michelle Bosquet and Juan Pablo Osornio explore how businesses and government got involved - and broader lessons from the experience. [more...]

buenos aires hernan piera

GUIDE: The politics of climate change at the city level – Insights from a comparative study of Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Mexico Ci...

This Guide summarises the findings of a CDKN-supported research project by the Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (FARN, Environment and Natural Resources Foundation), Argentina, into the politics of climate-related decision-making in three Latin American mega-cities: Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Mexico City. [more...]

nepal agriculture credit mountain partnership

INSIDE STORY: Climate-smart agriculture – Learning from three agro-ecological regions of Nepal

Nepal’s agriculture sector, which accounts for around three-quarters of employment and one-quarter of the country’s gross domestic product, is strongly affected by current climate variability, uncertainty and extremes. The CDKN project 'Scaling-up of climate-smart agriculture in Nepal’ seeks to increase the resilience of farming communities in varying agro-ecosystems, by promoting climate-smart agricultural technologies and practices. This 'Inside Story' assesses challenges, strategies and key enabling factors for scaling out this approach. [more...]

A Gulfport, Miss., marina bait shop is flooded as the as the gulf waters pushed by Hurricane Gustav work their way past the beach onto U.S. Highway 90, Monday morning, Sept. 1, 2008. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

INSIDE STORY:  Climate change and flood risk – Challenges for Jamaican towns and communities

Climate variability in the Caribbean may cause tropical storms and hurricanes to become more intense in the future; and such storms cause flooding and storm surges that can inundate coastal lowlands, affecting tourism, agriculture and major infrastructure. A CDKN-supported project - Climate Change and Inland Flooding in Jamaica: Risk and Adaptation Measures for Vulnerable Communities - tackled these issues. Now a new 'Inside Story' describes what the team learned from the experience, and how their lessons could inform other areas at risk from increased flooding due to climate change. [more...]

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