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bangladesh collecting water Worldfish

FEATURE: Conflict around water infrastructure in Bangladesh’s changing climate

Jannatul Naima Moon shares the findings of an action research project on “Climate Policy, Conflicts and Cooperation in Peri-Urban South Asia: Towards Resilient and Water Secure Communities” which is co-funded [more]…

CDKN Invitation to Tender Enhancing climate change outcomes in development programmes in Uganda

OPPORTUNITY: CDKN Invitation to Tender - Enhancing climate change outcomes in development programmes in Uganda

CDKN is looking to appoint a supplier or number of suppliers to undertake research services for enhancing climate change outcomes in development programmes in Uganda. This project aims to provide research [more]…

Solar engineering trainer, Barefoot College, India

FEATURE: Positive proposals to make green growth inclusive

CDKN attended the Global Green Growth Week, held in Jeju, Republic of Korea, 5-9 September. This is the second of two blogs reporting from the event, by Ari Huhtala, CDKN’s [more]…

cameroon forest woman cifor

NEWS: Reporting for results-based REDD+ action

A new initiative will build the capability of developing country governments globally to monitor and report on greenhouse gas emissions from forestry, so that they can ultimately speed up efforts to halt [more]…

el salvador storm

Policy brief: Disaster Risks to Infrastructure in El Salvador

El Salvador is a small and densely populated country in Central America that is highly vulnerable to natural hazards. The devastating impacts of Hurricane Mitch in 1998 and two earthquakes [more]…

Peru mining Isuru Senevi

FILM: Countries put a price tag on implementing their national climate commitments

In the third set of video interviews from CDKN’s South-South Learning Exchange on bankable project development, two international experts – CDKN’s Ari Huhtala and the UNFCCC’s Miki Higashi – talk [more]…

el salvador storm

INFORME DE POLITICA: Riesgos de Desastre a la Infraestructura en El Salvador Hacia un marco nacional sostenido para el análisis de riesgos en infraestructura prioritaria

El Salvador es un país pequeño y densamente poblado en América Central con alta vulnerabilidad ante amenazas por fenómenos naturales. Los devastadores impactos del Huracán Mitch en el año 1998 [more]…

biogeneration Peru_SPDA

Identificación de medidas de eficiencia energética para empresas en Perú

Detalle del proyecto:   La alta tasa de crecimiento económico del Perú ha dado lugar a un aumento sustancial en el consumo total de energía, que se espera continúe aumentando en el [more]…

biogeneration Peru_SPDA

Documento de Resumen: Desarrollo Compatible con el Clima en el Perú: Eficiencia Energética en el Sector Privado Peruano.

Esta publicación resume los resultados principales de el proyecto de Eficiencia Energética y Sostenibilidad ha sido financiado por la Alianza Clima y Dessarrollo (CDKN), y realizado por Carbon Trust con [more]…

biogeneration Peru_SPDA

Enhancing private sector engagement in energy efficiency in Peru

In Peru, the private sector is responsible for 65% of energy consumption and 60% of carbon emissions in the country. Energy represents a substantial cost to Peruvian companies, which spend [more]…

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