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FILM: Getting climate finance ready - Experience from Bangladesh and Pakistan

In this first of three sets of video presentations from the workshop ‘South-South Learning Exchange on Developing Bankable Climate Projects’, Jorge Villanueva and Zabreen Hasan of CDKN pose questions to [more]…

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EVENT: Join CDKN and the Climate Knowledge Brokers at Green Growth Week 2016

Join CDKN's Mairi Dupar to talk about how to put the 'Climate Knowledge Broker' principles into practice at the Climate Knowledge Brokers' Group (CKB) Side Event at the Global Green Growth Week [more]…

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WEBINAR:  ¿Cómo gestionar el conocimiento climático para apoyar la toma de decisión?

Este es un webinar publico y gratuito de la Alianza Clima y Desarrollo (CDKN) en conjunto con Climate Knowledge Brokers y la Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental. Esta es una grabación del webinar [more]…

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FEATURE: What makes a good proposal for the Adaptation Fund?

CDKN and its partners have been sharing experiences with each other on how developing countries can become more 'climate finance ready'. As part of this programme, we interviewed Mikko Ollikainen of the Adaptation Fund [more]…

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FEATURE: Climate funds face tension between country ownership and pressure to disburse funding

Virginie Fayolle, a Senior Economist at Acclimatise, explores some of the tensions between international climate funds' drive to disburse funding and the standards and procedures required of their developing country recipients. This [more]…

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FEATURE: Public learning - Harnessing the power of exhibitions for transformative change

What happens when ordinary citizens are confronted with images that are either deeply familiar or unfamiliar to their everyday life and experience of urban risk? When and how does such [more]…

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FEATURE: Learning about urban risk

In Latin America’s urban environment, how do we discover hidden everyday risks and learn who is affected where, and why? How do we come to grips with the ways in [more]…

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FEATURE: The Water-Energy-Food nexus - Insights from Amazonia

Helen Bellfield and David Sabogal of the Global Canopy Programme look at how human needs for water, food and energy create a nexus of demands on natural resources in Amazonia [more]…

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REPORT: Gender approaches in climate compatible development: Lessons from Peru

The majority of studies on gender and climate change have been conducted in rural contexts, pointing to clear evidence gaps with respect to climate compatible development interventions that integrate a [more]…


POLICY BRIEF: Improving sustainable commodity supply chains in Amazonia

Decoupling agricultural commodity supply chains from deforestation in Amazonia. Key points: Safeguarding and sustainably managing natural resources in Amazonia is a complex issue that will require marshalling coalitions of public and private actors that have [more]…

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