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Transport – Latin America

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In expanding economically and meeting their development needs, Latin American countries have abundant opportunities to adopt clean, efficient low-carbon technologies and practices. They can side step the inefficient, fossil fuel-dependent infrastructure that heavily industrialised countries are ‘locked into’. At the same time, they can put in place the policies and regulations and develop the markets that value and incentivise the sustainable management. Urbanisation strategies for mitigation (such as intelligent urban planning, low carbon transport infrastructure etc.) will be important for the rapidly growing continent. The city of Curitiba in Brazil is already heralded as one of the world’s most sustainable cities using well planned transit corridors that make extensive use of public transportation systems, an approach that is also being taken up in Mexico and Guatemala. Such sustainable cities improve lives (reducing pollution) and increase efficiency (reducing traffic and transit times).

Transportation, Brazil-IPCC-AR5 toolkit-report

Transportation, Brazil

This image shows a lorry transporting wood in Brazil

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Traffic, Iquitos-IPCC-AR5 toolkit-report

Traffic, Iquitos

Courtesy of Thomas Mueller/SPDA

This image shows traffic in Iquitos, Peru

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Transport, Peru-IPCC-AR5 toolkit-report

Transport, Peru

Courtesy of Thomas Mueller/SPDA

Image of transport in Paracas, Peru.

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Transport convoy, Peru-IPCC-AR5 toolkit-report

Transport convoy, Peru

Courtesy of Thomas Mueller/SPDA

Image of a transport convoy in Paracas, Peru.

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Public transport, Peru-IPCC-AR5 toolkit-report

Public transport, Peru

Courtesy of Thomas Mueller/SPDA

Image of public transport in Paracas, Peru.

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Truck, Peru-IPCC-AR5 toolkit-report

Truck, Peru

Courtesy of Thomas Mueller/SPDA

Image of a truck on a road in Peru.

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Train in Bolivia-IPCC-AR5 toolkit-report

Train in Bolivia

Courtesy of Thomas Mueller/SPDA

Image of a train in Bolivia

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